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Modelia's concept of the sharehouse


Modelia has produced several concept rental apartments with a focus on creative design. For the first time, we have turned our attention to the sharehouse market, converting a former office building into shared accommodations. The conversion of existing buildings is an ecological way to reuse resources and has attracted attention in recent years. Modelia wasn’t interested in creating just a regular sharehouse so we decided to create a living space that goes beyond superficial beauty and designed a lifestyle that embodies Modelia’s own sense in all aspects. The architect collective S.A.A.O, winner of numerous overseas awards, did the design. Witness the birth of a creative space will transform the sharehouse concept.

*Japanese sharehouses are a unique type of rental housing shared by up to several dozen people of varying ages and professions. Individuals have their own, lockable rooms, but share common living, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Tenants sign individual contracts with the operating/managing company.



モデリアは都心にCourt Modelia 、Modelia Brut、Modelia Daysなどの個性的なコンセプトマンションの数々を手掛けてきました。一過性の美を追わない、ロジスティックかつダイナミックなアプローチで、ライフスタイルをデザインすることをコンセプトとしています。住まい手の知性を満たし、感性に響く、ここでしか出会えない進化した価値をご提案します。

Modelia Brut MINAMISHINAGAWA(2014年)/Modelia Brut YOYOGIUEHARA(2012年)/Modelia Brut KITASANDO(2010年)/Modelia Brut TORITSUDAI(2010年)/Court Modelia NAKAMEGURO(2008年)/Court Modelia YUTENJI(2008年)

Court Modelia OMOTESANDO Court Modelia OMOTESANDO
Court Modelia ROPPNGI Court Modelia ROPPNGI
Court Modelia SOUTH EBISU Court Modelia SOUTH EBISU